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❝ I came in to see Dr.Edalati for menopausal symptoms and sciatica, which I have had for 10 years. After she did some assessments on my health, I also found out there were other issues to be dealt with such as my cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels which we have also treated naturally. As for my menopausal symptoms, after three months of treatment, I hardly had any hot flashes which used to be five or six times a day before. And the sciatica is totally gone after several craniosacral sessions, which was a very wonderful experience every time. Also by following Dr.Edalati’s nutritional advice, my whole body seems to function better, and it is changing for the better. I intend to keep working with Dr.Edalati’s advice toward optimum health. ❞

Rika Kuroki−North Vancouver 

❝ My wife and I have been very pleased with the results of prolotherapy done by Dr.Edalati. My wife has had daily pain in her upper back but after prolotherapy, the pain disappeared in 10-14 days. She has been pain-free since. Periodically, she requires repeated treatments. I have had a severe neck injury years ago but now with repeated prolotherapy the pain is minimal or not even present. Physiotherapy did not help. Prolotherapy in expert hands is a remarkably beneficial treatment; unfortunately few doctors are trained to do this procedure. We feel very fortunate to have the help of Dr.Edalati. ❞

Dr. James E. Jan, MD Neurologist−Vancouver 

❝ The work done by Dr Edalati and the way in which she has done that work, has made a massive difference in my life. At the time that I consulted Dr Edalati, I had been struggling with high blood pressure, constant sinusitis, persistent heartburn, and a number of other intense physical discomforts. The change in my health was surprisingly quick and massively effective. The combination of an informed diet (based on blood tests for food allergies) and various other prescriptions, over a matter of weeks fundamentally improved my health. My blood pressure dropped to average readings of 112/60 (and consistently remains at those levels). I went from taking a daily dose of at least 800mg of Mortin, to not having taken another tablet for well over a year. The heartburn, sinusitis and general discomfort are no longer part of my life. More recently Dr Edalati’s treatment of my knees has resulted in a dramatic decrease in pain and a significant increase in movement and strength. Prolotherapy has over the course of a few months addressed not only the damage caused by recent falls, but also the redressed the consequences of gradual deterioration over many years. I strongly recommend Dr Edalati to anyone who is looking to fundamentally improve their physical health and overall wellbeing.❞

John Matthews - North Vancouver 

❝ My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years and had tried so many different therapies including IVF but were not successful. A friend of ours recommended we see Dr. Edalati and within 7 months, I got pregnant. Very thankful for all the help and support. ❞

Pam - North Vancouver 

❝ When I first came to see Dr. Edalati, I was overweight, my joints were aching, I had no energy and just felt depressed with my life. She took the time to listen and we set goals. With her help, I lost 40 pounds and I now feel great on all levels and have a more positive outlook on life. ❞

A.T.- North Vancouver

❝ For many years, I suffered from fatigue, bad PMS and menstrual cramps. I saw Dr. Edalati and she ran some hormone tests on me and helped me get my hormones balanced and eat better, and I now finally feel like myself again. She is a genuinely caring doctor and I highly recommend her. ❞

R.P. - Vancouver

❝ I started seeing Dr. Edalati few years ago for my irritable bowel syndrome which was getting out of control. She helped me see how my diet was affecting my gut. She made some dietary recommendations, did acupuncture, taught me techniques to relax my body more and it has all made such a big difference. ❞

N.M.- North Vancouver 

❝ For many years, I felt like I was not myself. I was gaining weight at a rapid rate and no matter what I did, it did not want to come off. I was also feeling fatigued and needed to take daily afternoon naps just to make it through the day. I also had foggy thinking, low mood, and I felt I was losing alot of hair. Intuitively, I knew something was just not right but every time I would go to the doctor, I was dismissed and I was not getting any help. Dr.Edalati was the first doctor who actually took the time to listen to all my symptoms, make the link, run the proper hormone tests on me and as it turned out I had hypothyroidism which had never been looked at before by other doctors. Within a couple of months after receiving thyroid treatment, I felt astonishingly better. It was as if a big weight had been lifted off of me, I felt more energetic, brighter and started to have my zest for life back. My quality of life has significantly improved. Her kind and warm demeanor is impeccable. I feel so blessed to have found her and be under her care. ❞


❝ Dr. Edalati has truly helped me regain my health. I found her to be very knowledgeable. She helped uncover my food allergies that were the basis of my daily headaches that were interfering with both my work and social activities. Not only my headaches are gone, but I also feel better overall, more energy than I have had in a long time. ❞

M.I. -North Vancouver

❝ Since being treated by Dr. Edalati, I have more energy, sleep better and even my skin looks and feels much healthier. ❞                    

P.P. - Burnaby

❝ A wonderful human being. Her unlimited knowledge of health and wellness have helped me move forward in life. I was suffering from recurring migraines since I was a child. It was Dr. Edalati who helped me identify my triggers and put a stop to it. I am feeling much better now because I had followed the treatment plans she had outlined for me. It is really nice to see a doctor who really cares for her patients and goes out of her way to help them get better. ❞

S.S. - North Vancouver